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4111 E Madison St
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Meander® Inc. is a leading supplier of automated guide systems for commercial tour operators and other organizations that provide interpretive services.  Our systems use GPS data and other information to automatically trigger audio files, pictures, and video that enhance the tour experience.  We have installations throughout North America that have been in operation for over a decade.


Road Guide

Meander® Road Guides are designed for use in automobiles, motor coaches, and recreational vehicles.  Our systems can be permanently affixed to vehicles, or placed in mounts that allow passengers to use them in the vehicle as walking guides once they arrive at a destination.. 

Product Highlights

  • Systems can be configured to play through the vehicle speaker or PA system, or from an integrated stand-alone speaker. 
  • Passengers can select their preferred language
  • Tours can be customized to suit your needs.  Passengers can be given the option of selecting specific routes, languages, or commentary type.  It can also be installed as a "black box" that are never seen.