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Meander® Inc. is a leading supplier of automated guide systems for commercial tour operators and other organizations that provide interpretive services.  Our systems use GPS data and other information to automatically trigger audio files, pictures, and video that enhance the tour experience.  We have installations throughout North America that have been in operation for over a decade.


Air Guide

Meander® Air Guides are designed specifically for flight-seeing operators.  Our guides run on tested, off-the-shelf hardware components that provide a reliable and low cost platform.  Our systems can run on battery or 12v power, and can be connected into your existing PA system as you would any music player. 

Product Highlights

  • Commentary is triggered at the right place and time, regardless of which direction you are flying or the order in which you pass points of interest.  Commentary will trigger automatically when you reach the appropriate coordinates, allowing pilots to stay focused on flying.
  • Our sophisticated software adapts to any flight path.  There is no need to pre-select a defined route prior to taking off.  Commentary will trigger for any point of interest you happen to fly past.  
  • Our one-touch WeatherSelect feature allows you to change the commentary based on current visibility.  For example, commentary about a distant mountain can be set to play or not depending on whether it is clear or cloudy that day. 
  • You can easily integrate any existing commentary you have, or have our experienced content group develop professional commentary for you.